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By dealing with diversity challenges at the root, we can empower each colleague to dig deep to find their personal power while embracing and supporting those who are different from themselves.


Module 1 addresses the root cause of why DE&I is not embraced. I teach people to embrace an abundance mindset. This goes beyond basic DE&I training that only addresses the isms and phobias we are all so familiar with.


Module 2 is about The Biasphere and Radical Acceptance. It provides a framework and applicable tools to help colleagues unpack their biases and their bias origins through their centers of influence safely and reflectively.


Module 3 trains your workforce to spot and stop exclusive behavior and implement inclusive behavior that protects both the employees and the company while boosting morale.


Module 4 teaches colleagues how to be an effective ally to their co-workers and communities without getting discouraged and burned out in the process. This module provides practical steps that any employee can implement today regardless of their position in the broader company structure to be a better ally, community member, and team mate.


Module 5 teaches colleagues how to connect with each other in ways that don’t come across as offensive or weird. Colleagues will learn how to approach diverse people in the workplace, and how to handle conversation missteps in the moment.


Module 6 will enable colleagues to walk away with a better understanding of their own intersectionality and privilege while gaining a new perspective on what that means for their relationships with their colleagues and community.


Module 7 teaches employees how to have DE&I discussions in ways that improve employee relationships instead of harming them. Colleagues will learn conversation techniques that are focused on collaboration and understanding.


Module 8 will break down equity as a concept so that colleagues have a renewed understanding of its importance in workplace culture. Equity is focused on progress which is giving each employee what they need to be successful.

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